This year, I have planned all of my makes so I rarely get to opportunity to pull fabrics out of the cupboard and mix and match until things fall into place.  So this week when my handbag fell apart I was really happy about the chance to play designer again.  And boy, do I like what fell out of the stash and on to my new bag.obibag


Pattern: Senna Tote 

Fabric: Vintage Obi belt that I have had for over 10 years, waiting for the right project.  Vegan leather from Remida.  All notions recycled from previous bag.

Green Notes: Recycling is winning in my book

Ease: Medium

See Also: Brienne’s quilted version


Tidbits:  If you know the Senna Tote pattern you may have realised that I have heavily modified it.  The width and length of the Obi basically dictated the size that I could make so I adapted the pieces to work.

I am super happy with all the pocketses in this make, front for my phone, notebook and pen, and inside for my wallet, a keeper for a water bottle and a clip for my keys.


Lessons: I will follow the instructions more closely next time as I got a little stuck at the end.  Also happily the trims were easy to sew with a denim needle and a good amount of seam grading.  I was also happy with my interfacing choice – a really stiff sturdy interfacing on the obi fabric (including the pocket) and iron on standard interfacing on the internal pockets.

Score:  5/5 This make is just me and will make me smile every day.  Cannot buy that.