After conquering the heartwarmer, I realised I needed to try my hand at a couple of smaller knitting projects before feeling confident enough to knit something for #1year1outfit.  I consulted Ute, who was in a similar position and we decided a hat would be a good project to try.   So we held a mini knit along, and then I got a bit carried away and made three!

jane knitting

Thanks to the teddy models for sitting still during this photo shoot despite the drunk and disorderly arrangement I placed them in. And sorry to their wonderful makers, Nana and AB, for letting such a cool gang of softies get so out of hand.


The owners of the hats managed to stand still for a couple of colourful indoor shots.


Jane Richmond Beanies

Pattern: Jane by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Thrifted yarns in what I guessed to be 10 ply wool, plus one pink ball of Noro 10ply from the stash

Ease:  Yes, totally doable for a beginner!

Tidbits:  As with all my knitting projects so far, I had a few false starts.  First I made a few mistakes in the ribbing, then a few in the top.  By the third time I cast on I had worked out the rhythm and it was smooth sailing.

An advantage of being slow was that Ute had already finished hers and kept me up to date with her findings.  As a result, I shortened the brim, and only cast on 75 stitches for a smaller fit for the kidlets.  At first this was a vague hope that reducing in sets of 5 would work with the pattern, turns out that this was true so I guess you could reduce or increase the brim size as you like in lots of 5.


Lessons: I used knitting help a lot – for using double pointed needles, for the new to me stitches and for weaving the ends in. These plus the instructions were all I needed.

Score:  4/5  the kids love their new hats and I love the pattern for its flexibility and ease of use for a beginner

Now by my estimation, as the third hat took me 6 hours from cast on, my #1year1outfit knit project will take me at least 60 hours.   Better get cracking..

jane knitting