MMM Mending

Last week I went to my local doctor for something pretty minor.  Something I wouldn’t have bothered going for in the past.  I was embarrassed that I was there but that’s the thing about cancer I guess, your sense of health is questioned forevermore.

Mending my scars is proving to be the easy part of my recovery. It is the doubt that has the potential to cause the real wound.

MMM Mending

I am drawing a tenuous link here, but whilst I did some successful clothes mending during Me Made May,   I became really self conscious of the gaps in my sewing knowledge and execution weaknesses.  So just as I wanted to name and shame Mr Doubt,  I’m going to be brave and call out my sewing weakness so they do not seem so big anymore!

MMM Mending

Here’s what I want to learn to do better:

– zips – all kinds.  I would especially love to redo the invisible zip in my beloved Nani Iro dress.

– button placement – I want to learn how to get this right without a dress form. Perhaps just more patience?

– knits – my machine has been $#%^ at skipping stitches when sewing knits lately and it is starting to really, really annoy me.

– stress points – I have fixed the apex of the front curve on my Vanamo skirts several times now and it’s way harder to do post completion!  I want to identify stress points in my makes during the making process and learn how to reinforce them to last.

– undertops – I know, I know, not a technique, but a dressing technique to allow for easy changing after sport. There MAY have been a mini meltdown involving a hot and sweaty me in a paddock carpark with nowhere private to change. I don’t want to wear any kind of bra as these suckers of scars hurt and get itchy with sweat, but I do need to find something that works after trying and failing with a few RTW crop top type options.

MMM Mending


There are other skills I know that I know will get better with practice, top stitching is a good example. These I am less worried about.   So there it is, to mend my sewing I need to focus on improving a few essential techniques, and as for Mr Doubt, I am sure that the naming and shaming is a good start.

MMM15 Day 25

P.S. For the record over May I refashioned this red merino cardigan using some freestyle darning over self patches, mended this jacket by reinforcing the seams with interfacing then using some very visible mending, hand stitched two hems back into place, sewed a few buttons back on, fixed up 4 pairs of holey tights and fixed my husbands’ crotch problems (that’ll get some hits) using this method.   All of this was pretty useful for getting me dressed!