I am so grateful to have talented people from around the world joining in with the #1year1outfit challenge!  I have recently updated the list of participants to include Mari (US), Tasha (US), threadlover(US)  Zoe (UK), Cheryl (Hungary), Reduce,reuse,recycle (VIC), Libby (NZ) and Raquel (NSW).  Welcome!

So if you weren’t sure if it could be done just check out what everyone has been up to!  There is still time to throw your hat in the ring.


Carolyn and Sue have been using their knitting prowess to make winter woollies.  Both of these garments are made from undyed Fiber of the Gods alpaca. Sue is unsure about her jumper and thinks it will not be her final make for this challenge.

Megan, Sue and Carolyn have also felted local wool (sourced via Bilby Yarns) ready for sewing.

Reduce,reuse,recycle has been researching up a storm and has been created a map of fibershed products, which should help the Melbournites!

The public view of my Fibershed map with basic functions labelled

New Zealand

Libby has her hands on some local hand dyed wool and is creating a new sweater pattern as she goes. I love that she’s called it gingerbread after the colour of the wool.

My design journey towards a fabulous, cosy & comfy sweater has begun and I'm chatting about how my ideas evolve over on the Truly Myrtle blog. There's a link in my profile if you fancy a read.  #trulymyrtledesigns #trulymyrtleblog #knittingdesign #knittin

United Kingdom

Charlotte has knitted socks, gloves and a scarf with British wool and is about to take possession of some British peace silk.  Love the tumeric colour!
Turmeric Dyes Wool Socks

The Steely Seamstress has finished the gorgeous UK peace silk tank complete with shibori details, swoooon.Myla Tank

Laura has been hinting at some local fiber success from Merchant and Mills and Zoe, like me, is learning to weave and has shared a lovely story about obtaining a fleece from her neighbour.


North America

Mari from the Carolinas has done some great research into local cotton options and settled on some from Alabama Chanin, along with the alpaca wool that she has started to prepare. She has also started testing out local plants and their dyeing capabilities.  Tasha  has also added to her research so if you are in the US, go and have a read, you might find the information you need to get making.


Jess got in early with this knit jumper, and I cannot wait to see what else she has planned.


Jule has been hand spinning and dyeing the wool for the German based trio who  has also secured some local linen.  julehandspunwool

Inspired yet??  The diversity of approaches across the globe is fascinating and I am looking forward to hearing more as the year goes on.  Each make has such a great story behind it, make sure you go and have a read. Don’t forget to tag your posts and images with #1year1outfit for me so I can stalk you. Now, back to knitting for me…