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It’s A Me Made May Wrap



Me Made May Round Up 2014 Copy

My favourites were the monochromes:



Wait, hang on, maybe the crazy, crazy pattern play:



I discovered shorts and tights and went a bit nuts:



And discovered a whole world of wonderful seamstresses who make their own clothes!  Like Carolyn, who wore made every single thing she wore right down to her under wear and hardly repeated an item all month, and Tassadit who knits, sews, milliners and cobbles (you know what I mean!) and Sarah  who has made approaching 50 versions of the same wonderful dress in all colours of the rainbow.

For someone like me who has been sewing for less that a year, Me Made May was full of inspiration and I cannot thank Zoe enough for organising!


Me-Made-May Week 4
Are we there yet?!  Natural fibers and knits were winners this week.

MMMay Day 22 Day 22: Comfy comfy knits top, bottom and scarf made by me. Mostly snuggled in bed but did have to go to the hospital.

mmmay day 23 Day 23:  A psychedelic mix this day, I am not sure about the accessorising of these creatures….

Day 24: No need to leave the house today so I curled up in my trackies and unblogged spotty T, and went for a brief walk in the rain in Yellow Ducky.

MMMay Day 25Day 25: Feeling vaguely human so donned some monochromatic pinks to make me smile.  Super bloke bought the top, leggings and scarf home from India and I wore my pink shorties to complete a comfy outfit that I loved wearing!  He was under instructions to get fabric so he also snagged some dupioni silk, winning all round!

MMMay Day 26

Day 26: My pink top and skirt were similar to Day 22, so this is the other thing I have been snuggling under all week!  My friends printed special photos of our wedding, babies, friends and fun onto fabric (apparently with a home printer!)  and made this beautiful quilt.  It arrived at my door just before Pac Mac this week and it has been close by ever since.  So blessed!!

MMMay Day 27

Day 27: A day of firsts – my first make for me (unblogged top), pants and knitting!  An interesting outfit with quirks all over the place but super comfy.

MMMay Day 28Day 28:  I thought I had worn every me made in existence until the deep dark recesses of my closet called and I dug out this sloppy T remade from two singlets.  I love it with my vintage skirt and scarf and so that was it!

I am definitely reaching the limits of what my me made’s can do without serious help from the rest of my wardrobe.   I am on track for having 31 unique outfits and have worn my me mades way more that I anticipated.  Only 3 days and an exhibition opening to go!

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Me-Made-May Week 3
Week 3 of 4 done!  This week I allowed myself a few more non me-made items as I had the extra challenge of coordinating head gear as my hair has started to fall out thanks to Pac Man (my code name for chemo if you are new to the blog).

MMMay Day 15
Day 15: I rode my bike a bit today so Ailakki got another play date with an old beloved jumper.  I was comfy in this outfit but getting naked to pee was getting on my nerves..

MMMDay16 Day 16: Arrrggg, the kidlets and I decided we were pirates for the day after they saw my outfit! Holiday Shirt is always happy to go to a desert island. These pants were out for the first time, as I don’t really like them, but I felt a bit more love for them by the end of the day.

MMMay Day17 Day 17: I wanted to wear something to go with this beautiful little cloche gifted from some lovely peeps, so I went all monochromatic.  Well, I tried!  It’s as close as I am going to get.  I really need to wash this skirt now!  I’ve lost count of how many times its been worn now. The zebra shirt is a refashion, the jacket is another closet staple RTW for the last 10 years or so.

MMMay Day 18

MMMay Day 18

Day 18: Many of my makes are to specifically to go with some of my wardrobe treasures.  These treasures are my Grandma’s skirt and trench coat, worn with my plantain wool jersey top and scarf.  This day was a lot like the picture: part sunny, part rainy and sullen!

MMMay Day19 Day 19: My least favourite outfit so far!  I was comfy but it doesn’t quite work – top, jacket me made and refashioned pants.  The beaded scarf is gorgeous and voluminous so will wear it a bit I think!

MMMay Day 20

MMMay Day 20

Day 20: Woohoo. New hot pink shorts and a very rough unhemmed self drafted T that has been worn to death since I made it in Jan!    I got comments from people where-ever I went this day so my smile got bigger and bigger.  It rained on and off so yellow ducky got out and about again too.

mmmAY dAY 20 Day 21:  Such a comfortable day when feeling oh, so sleepy.  All woolly pattern magic dress with bamboo tights, rtw cardigan and a another friend made Obi.  And another scarf tie method.  Going to be an expert at this soon!

I am off to get another round of Pac Man today so the next week is likely to be a lot more challenging.  I suspect my PJ’s will get a good work out : )

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Me-Made-May Week 2


Week 2 was so much fun! I was feeling well so I challenged myself to wear all me made’s and post them in the flickr group daily and also got instagram up and running.  My me mades are print-tastic so I got a bit creative at times ….

MMM 14 Day 8 Day 8: floral on floral on floral…Summer skirt and a jacket that I renovated about 10 years and I had forgotten about until this very moment!  Vintage shirt.  pardon the wind.

MMM14 Day 9
Day 9: Stretch skirt and the very first top I made myself, traced off an existing top that I love and full of quirks.  I wore my yellow ducky jacket in the squalls of rain again. This outfit was super comfy.

At Last Ailakki Day 9 – Eve: After trying on my new Ailakki jumpsuit and Holiday Shirt, it just kind of stayed on for dinner…

MMM- Day 10

Day 10: .. and jumped back on the next day with my newly discovered blazer again. Winner!  Kidlet is also in jumpsuit, hat and blazer made by me.  This outfit clearly made me smile : )

MMM14 Day 11

MMM14 Day 11

Day 11: Pink for Mothers Day: Burda jacket, plaintain T, summer skirt and my Yellow Ducky got its first wear with the pink side out.

MMM Day 12
Day 12: I was really comfortable and colourful today, I love this dress when I walk it does all sorts of satisfactory swishy things. I made up the wool jersey plantain worn underneath the night before and I expect you will see it a lot more in the coming days! The obi belt was hand made by a dear friend.

MMM Day 13 Wool Jersey Plantain Day 13: A twist on Day 1’s outfit: spotty checkered jacket, green plantain and velvet culottes.  I have decided that teal and maroon go together in my crazy colour world.

MMM Day 14: Pattern Magic Take 2 Day 14: More teal/mint/maroon experimentation with my new Pattern Magic hospital gown…I mean dress. Reverse side of aforementioned hand made Obi.

In the end, I completed 3 makes this week and a whole of week of combinations never worn together before.  I cannot pick a favourite from the week, but I do think the mini-me day made me smile the most.
Having no access to jeans meant that my tights got a serious workout, and I have pulled out a pattern to make some of my own hand next time I am in need.  I don’t miss my jeans yet so am going to keep them in the closet for now.
I am also super jealous of all the me made cardigans out there, so have me some yarn, some needles and a Miette pattern…
I think I have successfully moved to a wardrobe where teal is the neutral colour!  Woohoo.  The sewing mojo is back : )

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Me-Made-May Week 1


 ‘I, Nicki, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear one hand made garment 5 days a week for the duration of May 2014′
It was good to have an excuse to get dressed in real clothes this week after my first infusion of chemotherapy,  a treatment plan that I have renamed Pac Man.
6/7 days was a pretty good start, but I forgot to take a photo of two of them.

Me-Made-May 14 Week 1
Day 1: Velvet shorts and Spotty Checkered Jacket

Me-Made-May 14 Week 1

Day 2: Floral Cropped Jacket and Scarf

Day 3: I think I was feeling decidedly poor this day as Pac Man got to work and I have absolutely no recollection of what I wore that day!

Me-Made-May 14 Week 1

Day 4: Holiday Shirt and a trip to the beach to ward off the nausea – excuse the hair!!

Day 5:  Photo fail – but my tracksuit pants and Yellow Ducky Jacket escorted me to my blood test through some light drizzle

Day 6: Photo fail – I went to a pilates class, which may me feel no worse and no better, but then got dressed in my Any Which Way Pattern Magic Dress which did make me feel better : )

Me-Made-May 14 Week 1

Day 7: Playing dress ups with mums new head gear!  Unblogged self drafted T-shirt and scarves.  I also have to blog about the dear deer dress at some stage!

I am feeling a million bucks today as Pac Man seems to have done his work for this round.  Next week is likely to bring more consistent photos and possibly more head gear!
I am off to eat a whole host of delicious foods whilst the appetite is strong….mmmmm food…
Ps – I swear I signed up on the So Zo website but bloglovin ate it…maybe it was hungry too.

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Sewing With A Plan 2014 Progress

Since January I have been working to a plan to sew some summery clothes.  A plan?  You wouldn’t know it right?  But there really is some order in between the chaos!

I have been keeping track of my Pinspiration here:

The  Sewing With a Plan rules fitted pretty perfectly with what I was planning to make (11 pieces, 3 sets of 3 and 2 wildcards) so I drafted up my ideas based on fabric and clothes already in my stash.  I set some rules for myself – crazy colours and prints using the colours I love, relaxed summer styles, use the stash and some refashions.

My plan was written down in the form of these little sketches.

So how goes it? Click on the titles to see the relevant posts.
Sewing plans

Set 1:  Identity Crisis Set – All 3 pieces have at least 2 ways to wear them

1. Any Way You Like It Dress by Pattern Magic 2. Yet to Come – Variation on Pattern Magic 3. Identity Crises Pencil Skirt

Set 2: Holiday Magic 
4. Holiday Anyone Lekala Shirt (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s not a dress anymore, but way better right?)  5. Yellow Ducky DIY Couture Rain Jacket 6. Yet to come – pieced Ralph Pink Kimono Dress in tunic length in white/greys

Set 3:  Hot Days Set

1 and 2 Basic Singlet Self Drafted and Wrap Singlet Refashion  2 (added in)  Pink Origami Plantain T 3.  Nani Iro Summer Skirt Self Drafted

Set 4: Upcycled and Refashioned 
4. Burda Cropped Floral Jacket 5. Refashioned Pants 6. Yet to come – refashioned dress

The Count So Far = 9/12 Complete

Pretty much everything is getting worn regularly around here with the Summer Skirt, singlet tops and Any Which Way Dress being worn as soon as they get dragged out of the wash.

Some outfits so far:


Holiday Anyone?yellowduckthisismoonlight

Holiday Anyone?the Great T Hunt

Some thoughts:
– I may have set the bar a little low given that I have until April to complete 11 garments!
– Whilst I will go ahead with making no 2 (the pattern magic green tunic top) and 6 (the Ralph Pink kimono top), I am also keen to give making a dress a try.
– And possibly swap in another shirt (the winner in my Mad Man poll will do quite nicely!) for the singlet duo.
– Currently the Burda jacket works with many of my RTW clothes but not the swap items as well so it may get ditched in the final cut.

Does this make sense of the chaos appearing on this blog? : )

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Mad Sew Bossy Men
The talented Julia Bobbin runs a challenge each year to make an outfit inspired by Mad Men.  I took a look around at the past entries and they are unreal!
Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III
I am keen to give it a crack but really want to use a pattern that I already own AND fabric I already own.  Enter the Sew Bossy Challenge where you get to help me choose!!
Get ready – some of these are pretty amusing!
Option 1: Classic Peggy in Wool Plaid
Betty Draper sheath flower dress, Peggy in plaid
Option 2:  Partied Out Betty in Nani Iro 

Betty Draper, Episode 8 “My favorite costume of the whole season, hands down, is Betty Draper’s dress in “A Night to Remember.”DSC_6589

Option 3: Pants Suit Peggy in Wool Plaid

Peggy’s ‘Mad Men’ pantsuit: The inside story | EW.comV1366DSC_6591

Option 4: Nerdy Harry Shirt and Possibly, Possibly Plaid Blazer if you beg

Mad Props: Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant on Harry Crane's Season 6 CostumesV2383DSC_6590

Option 5: Peggy Polka Shirt

Alright, let’s hear it!

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Sewing Plans 2014

Some ideas about what I would like to make in 2014… aim big.

Selfish Sewing 2014

I have come up with the concept of two different collections: casual (sunny) and worky (moonlight).  I am hoping that the quick, relaxed makes of one helps me have patience with the other.

Celebrate the Sun

The Idea: have fun with colour, print, texture and design!

The Fabric and Colours:image


1. Create a mix of coordinates for current wardrobe and new fun pieces from simple patterns

2. Use current stash of new and used textiles.

3. Find tried and tested patterns for summer basics – singlet, t-shirt, skirt, dress, possibly culottes or jumpsuit if the wind blows that way.


The idea:  6 pieces of rocking work clothes

The Fabric and Pattern Ideas:  Concepts outlined here:

Blokey Sewing 2014

The Great Japanese Coat Challenge

The Idea: Sew a Mens Coat from this book

Mens Coat Making Japanese Sewing Craft Book

The Fabric: A brown plaid wool from Beauly, Scotland

The Aim:  To work slowly and methodically!  Muslin making to start in May

The Basics

The Idea: Sew a small number of patterns several times to practice technique and perfect fit

The Likely Outcome: More Jedediah Pants,  T-shirts and Shirts

Kidlets Sewing 2014

The Idea:  anything goes as long as I learn something along the way

The Likely Outcome:  more Japanese patterns and more jackets